Windows 8 shutting down when put to sleep?

I recently upgraded my Dell Inspiron 660 with an EVGA 760 video card and a 500 watt EVGA PSU. Now, whenever I put it to sleep, it shuts off. I checked under power options, and it says it should be sleeping, but not. Any idea what caused this? My other systems specs are an i5-3330, 8 GB RAM, 2TB Seagate HDD.
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    make sure your computer is set to go to sleep mode rather than hibernation mode.
    the hibernation copies all your RAM and machine state to your page file and shutsdown your system.

    also, some systems sleep for a period of time then hibernate to save battery life (even if they are on AC power, you have to check the settings)
  2. Although I updated quite a few drivers in one go it is most likely that an AMD Catalyst software update solved this very annoying problem on my PC on Windows 8.1 (Dell Inspiron 17R SE).
  3. I have Acer - Aspire E1-572 and ran into this issue after Windows 8.1 upgrade. After updating the Wireless LAN_Atheros_10.0.0.263_W81x64_A driver (make sure to download for Windows 8.1) the issue went away.
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