my acer extensa 5235 drains battery when powerd off

as it stands my acer extensa 5235 runs fine with new display , but when switched off the power button light is green , the orange light on bottom left is solid but when i leave battery connected , it gets drained but works normally when charged and left to discharge any ideas ?
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  1. Board issues possible, are you sure that it is really shut down and not in sleep?
  2. well i ask it to shut down but if i take out the battery and put it bk in you can hear the fan running underneath and when i switch it back on it goes through the processes that it should , but before you take the battery out it seems off apart from orange indicator and the green light on the power switch
  3. hmm its really odd , got given the laptop because of broken screen and they thought it un repairable , when i remove battery and put it back in caps and num lock are on and cpu fan kicks in , but it gose through the motions when i click power button as normal ... running fedora linux btw
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