GTX 590 Problems

I have had a lot of problems with my GTX 590 recently. When I try connecting the DVI cable to the top two outputs, I get a beep code with one long beep followed by two short beeps from my EVGA X58 4 way SLI motherboard. When I plug it into the bottom DVI, it fires up well. However, my motherboard only detects 1 GPU on boot and Nvidia control panel doesn't detect SLI. Any help would be appreciated.

Ultra X4 1600W PSU
Windows 7 64 bit SP1
i7 950
12 GB Corsair Dominator running at 7-7-7-20
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  1. I have tried reseating and also moving it to all PCI slots on the motherboard and still have the same issues. Wanted to clarify that I have the 1600W PSU because I used to run quad GTX 285.
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