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I recently purchased a 4 TB hard drive from Newegg and I would like to transfer all of the files and the OS, which happens to be Windows 7, from my 1 TB HDD to my new one. I plan on either installing Win 8 or SteamOS onto my old one once it has been completed.

My problem is finding the right program to do what I need it to do, and there are so many out there. I've searched across forums from countless websites (this one first, of course) and have NOT been able to find one that suits my needs. All I need is a program that will simply clone a hard drive for me so that I can format the 1 TB and keep using my Win 7 and everything on it on my 4 TB. Any help is appreciated, and I know that I'll find it here. Thanks!
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    Acronis True Image will do what you need and Newegg regularly puts it on sale for $15. Thing is, both Seagate and Western Digital offer a free version for people who just bought one of their drives. The free versions are not "fully optioned" but they still have what you need to migrate your drive.
  2. Wow thanks! Didn't even think to look on Western Digital's site lol.
  3. Watch closely for something important. The Acronis True Imaging WD Edition software you can download free from WD's website is VERY good at a lot of stuff, including cloning your old HDD to your new WD one. However, you are doing something with a big "twist" in it. You want to use a 4 TB unit as the new HDD. And I presume you plan to BOOT from it.

    First of all, IF you plan to Partition and Format that 4 TB unit as one huge volume and boot from it, you MUST have a UEFI BIOS that knows how to deal with large HDD's Partitioned in the GUI system.

    Secondly, you would want to clone from a MBR-Partitioned HDD to a GPT-Partitioned HDD, right? And the cloning software would need to do the Partitioning and Formatting work first, which is normally how it is done. What I do not know is whether that free downloadable utility can do that change of Partitioning systems for you. Contact WD Tech Support for their advice. Or, maybe someone here has direct experience and can answer that question.
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