Usb Over Current Detected? Asus z87 plus!!

Today i built my first PC, and everything went well until i did my first boot. It says "USB over current detected" and shuts down in 15 seconds. I unplugged the front panel USB 2.0 connector from the mobo and problem solved. It's solved, but it isn't a solution, now i'm stuck without two extra USB 2.0 connectors! Everything in the PC was brand new, i'm pretty sure the mobo isnt touching the case either. I made sure to ground myself frequently so i'm pretty sure i didnt damage anything either.

What solutions do i have? Will Asus replace the Mobo if it is their fault? Also since i didnt install an OS yet, so i didnt get the chance to test, do you think other Inputs may be affected, such as headphone jack, microphone, ect?

Also i have the Fractal R4 if this helps you in finding a solution, thanks for your help. I couldn't find a solution and had no choice but to personally ask it. Thanks.
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    ASUS will replace the board if it is faulty. It is more likely to be a damaged USB port on the Fractal R4 that is causing a ground -- look at the case closely for both the USB ports and the wiring from them to the motherboard.
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