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Currently I am running a AMD FX 8320 with Crossfire 270x's. I experience spikes BF4 where my cpu usage jumps up and game goes from 60-120fps to 30fps for a split second. And it keeps happening periodically. League of Legends does this as well, and that doesnt even use crossfire since its in borderless window. It averages 80fps and drops to 30fps at times as well, which a 270x on this game should be a consistent 120+ fps.

I have the money to replace the GPU to a single 780/780ti or a CPU to a 4670k with a $200 mobo. Which would fix these random and frequent spikes? Could it be my power supply?

Thank you!

For reference here is my build:

AMD FX 8320 4.2ghz (stable)
Corsair H55 Cooler
Crossfire MSI R9 270x's
MSI 990FXA-GD80v2
8GB Corsair XMS3 1333mhz RAM
120gb PNY SSD
Thermaltake Smart Series 750w PSU Bronze
Corsair Air 540 Case
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  1. driver up to date?
  2. Yeah. I've reinstalled the driver 2 times. Doesn't fix it.
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    The latest driver?

    and have you checked what processes the computer is running ?
    It might be a background service that is causing the issue

    One wy to check that is to format and reinstall windows + the graphics driver and game and see if it still behaves the same way .
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