Restarting Problem in my pc

my system conf. is
Intel dual core
RAM 2gb
HDD 500 GB
Graf. Nvida GTX 240 DDR5 I Gb

some time when i start my pc its restart after boot mode
in bios i change boot option to cd ROM
than i change to windows 7 its working normal..
but i do not want every time change my pc windows
i dont know is it hardware or software problem
please take me any suddstion
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  1. It sounds like your motherboard is failing. How old is it?
  2. Sounds like it's well over 5 years old :S

    If it's not saving BIOS settings then it would most likely be that your CMOS battery is borking
  3. ^Sounds like the probable issue for a system that's that old.
  4. simtronics dg41 mothere board
    RAM DDR3 2GB
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    There are a couple models that match that spec of motherboard. It's worth just getting a new battery for your motherboard and replacing your current one, they shouldn't be that hard to find.
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