will that power supply work fine with this build

will that power supply work fine with this build
Corsair VS Series 650W Power Supply

my build :
Intel® Core™ i5-4430 Processor (6M Cache) @3.00 Ghz - 4th gen
Asus B85M-E
MSI - Ati radeon hd 5750 (im planning to get new video card)
8gb - 4 gb hyperx kingston + kingston 2gb×2

ineed this powersupply for gaming if its not good any othe recommended psu ?
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    It's a fine choice, and has lots of room for upgrades in the future. Your machine is probably using 250 watts or less, so unless your new video card is going to be dual 780's in SLI then you have plenty of room for pretty much any card you want to throw in there.
  2. Yes, it will give you plenty of head room to upgrade as well.
  3. Get the CX 600 instead. The VS series is the lowest quality Corsair offers.
  4. iwill get this Corsair CX600 V3 600W ATX Power Supply :)
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