suggestions on next upgrade in my pc ?

i am planning to upgrade my pc like piece by piece not the whole bunch i just recently got r7 260x and an additional 4gb ram plus the existing 4gb ram
was thinking to change the mb or psu next but not sure would like suggestions on what should i get next
i do game alot but graphics isn't my first priority not going for ultra-high settings just for good performance :)
my pc specs
cpu core i3 2120
psu coolermaster rs-500 *500 watt*
mb gigabyte ga-p61a-d3
ram 2x4 kingstone hyper
gpu asus r7 260x oc 2gb
case coolermaster k380
would like some suggestions for what should i upgrade next ? :)
thanks in advance
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  1. I'd go with PSU I wouldn't trust my R9 260x with that. Not heard much good about coolermaster psus really
  2. motherboard and cpu upgrade
  3. I strongly second the PSU replacement. That PSU is a poor at best, cataclysmically-terribad-at-worst AcBel-manufactured unit.

    One thing awful PSU vendors do to mislead consumers is call the PSU something like DTX 500, without a "w" at the end of the 500 - This protects them from lawsuits - "We didn't actually say it produces 500w, 500 is just the model number"

    They only put the PSU's actual RMS wattage in tiny print on the label. Here is the sticker from the side of your unit, notice it says combined power shall not exceed 431w in tiny, tiny print while plastering "500" in large font all over the top.

    That's not even the worst thing wrong with that PSU. Chinese capacitors used in it's construction can pop at any moment (potentially taking out every other component in your system when the PSU fails.

    Large ripple in the generated current makes the voltage regulator on your motherboard (and video card!) work much harder than it should, drastically lowering the lifespan of both components.
  4. Many of the best PSU's are made by Seasonic (All XFX units are Seasonic made; the higher end parts from Corsair, Antec, and PC Power and Cooling are also made by Seasonic).

    Superflower also makes good parts, though they don't sell under their own name like Seasonic does (at least not in the states)
  5. Psu got to go and maybe update to an i5
  6. I second what quil said, a poor psu is dangerous. Antec,XFX,Corsair,seasonic and pc power & cooling all provide good units. A quality 500w psu from one of those manufacturers Will work wonders
  7. what about this psu SeaSonic S12II Bronze 520W 80 PLUS Certified PSU ? and if i want to upgrade to a budget mobo ? what should i get ? an asus or a gigabyte one ?
  8. The S12II Bronze 520W is a great psu. asus and gigabyte are both great but i prefer asus.
    To be honest i dont think you need to upgrade your mobo unless you want to start overclocking.
    How much are you willing to spend on the mobo
  9. in the range of 60-80$ 100$max so you are saying that my mb is a good one ? i intend to buy another r7 260x don't tell my why not r9 290 or 280 because their price here is like up in the sky more than i am willing to spend
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    It not really good but at the same time it not really bad enough that you should upgrade it unless your getting a really high quality one.
    But if you really want to upgrade it.
    This is good for overclocking if you ever get a k i5.
    This one is not as good as the other one when it come to overclocking but it support cf/sli if your interested in that.
    But if you do decide to crossfire the 260x I reccomend a 650w-700w psu
    This is just a decent one for under 80
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