EVGA GTX 780 Ti Superclocked VS ASUS GTX 780 Ti for watercooling (HELP)

In the next couple of days I'm looking at buying a GTX 780 Ti and i'm not sure whether it would be better to buy from EVGA or ASUS, as I'm going to cool the card with this block:

As well as this backplate:

I'm in Australia and was either going to buy an ASUS card from MSY for $819 or either an EVGA superclocked from pccasegear for $899. Will the factory clock speeds matter since i'm going to be overclocking using water anyway??
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  1. look for one with refrence pcb as it will make waterblock compatibilty much easier
  2. I have the EVGA 780 ti superclocked and have no trouble with heat....I have the x60 kraken cooling my cpu and plenty of fans....but love that this card blows heat out the back of my case rather than just whirling it around inside.

    The EVGA also comes with its own OC'ing software and benchmark program....just be careful where you buy from. 780 series cars are supposed to come with three free games, but I only got one from Amazon.
  3. the EVGA and the ASUS one both has the same reference design, I was just wondering whether the factory clock speeds would matter, considering the EVGA superclocked card obviously is running at a higher frequency. I would've thought there would be no difference, considering the fact that I'm going to be changing the clock speeds once i watercool the card.
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    Then nope...doesn't matter. Even though i like Asus products, I went with EVGA for warranty and step up program.
  5. I'm in Australia though, so the step-up program wouldn't apply anyway, would it? Plus I'm buying a waterblock and backplate for it, so if i stepped up to another graphics card, if that was actually possible, i would have to buy a new block and backplate for them...
  6. And what about the clock speeds?
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