I have windows 8 I hate it. Anyway The last usb device you connected to this computer malfunctioned. Windows does not recogniz

Windows 8 USB error
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  1. 1]Go to control pannel
    2]Go to System and Security
    3]Go to Device Manager
    4]Click Universal Serial Bus Controllers
    5]Right click the USB
    6]Click Uninstall
    then Reboot computer while pendrive is inserted in USB
    Then connect to the internet.
    When you connect to the internet if the said USB is empty
    (i.e. no device is inserted in it) they install the device
    eventhough the device is not present, causing the said error.
    Suggession :-Windows ahould not allow to install a device if the said device is not connected.
  2. @silentplanner this seems like a good fix. I tried it but I still get the same issue as our friend here. It simply pops up randomly and spams my computer with the connecting/disconnecting sound. I don't know what it is, I've unplugged everything and it still says USB not recognized. I've only ever had this on Windows 8.1.
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