Upgrading gpu, cpu and psu

My budget is about 200$ and im looking forward to upgrade pc. It's meant to play games like Cs:Go, Chivalary:Medieval Warfare and Gta IV, LoL
My system:
Intel pentium D 3,0ghz
Nvidia geforce 9500gt(512mb)
2gb ram(DDR2)
300w psu
Idk anything about MOBO.

Its probably sounds dumb to upgrade pc like this, but its pain in the ass to play games w/ 20 fps.
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  1. $200 will barely get you a semi decent GPU and PSU
  2. As for the Graphics card and PSU, I would get a GTX 460 as that would work well your system and play all the games you wanted you should be able to get that second hand for $100 or less (It's a oldish card so it should work in your system, but not knowing what your motherboard is I can't be sure) I only wouldn't recommend a upto date graphics card because your mobo will be very old and would almost certainly not support it. I would then go for another 2gb of ddr2 ram and as for a new PSU I would recommend this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817207013

    Hope this helps :)
  3. I'm surprised it runs GTA IV @20 fps.

    You are looking at a complete overhaul mate.
  4. You could spend the money on upgrading but I think when you upgrade you will just want something better anyway so save you $ and get a new rig!
  5. marc79 said:
    I'm surprised it runs GTA IV @20 fps.

    You are looking at a complete overhaul mate.

    Cs Go it runs with 20 fps. Gta iv 3fps ;/
  6. Just found out my MOBO. It's Gigabyte P35-DS3R
  7. I'd look at C2Q Q9550 its still a decent cpu. Paired with a 260 you will be able to play GTA IV at medium settings, with moderate sliders 30/20/40 @1080 at 40-60fps no problem. But you could throw in a 650ti with that C2Q and have even better performance.
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