Best HDD to buy?

So i have a WD Black 2TB HDD in my current build for $150 (and a 250GB Samsung SSD) and was wondering if the WD black is really the best bang for you buck. They have a really great $/GB rate, but I don't know if it's the best per price (i.e. black vs blue) Heres my current build for anyone interested:
Feel free to make any adjustments that can drop the price.
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    For a storage drive, performance is not all that important.
    Price and reliability is.
    I think one would do better with the 2tb capacity.
    Here is one report:
  2. I love my Western Digital Black. Reliable, fast and decently quiet. I'd get the black as opposed to the blue for the better performance. It will have reduced loading times of games, videos, etc compared to the Blue version. The Blue is a balance of power savings vs. performance.
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