Should i install my Corsair Hydro Series H40 CPU Cooler?

Hi all

I have been planning to get my self a decent machine for a good while now, and after Christmas im pleased to say its all set up!

During my placement year at University, a work colleague gave me a Corsair H40 CPU Cooler, with all the necessary brackets and screws. It looks brand new to me, and he said its not had that much use however he was upgrading to the H60.

At the moment i have the stock Intel CPU Cooler, as I've just built the machine, however, would you recommend using a second hand H40? Could there be complications with it due to it being water-cooled?

I'm obviously very keen to get the piece of kit installed, but a bit weary at the same time!

Any light shed on this would be great.

Thanks in advance

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  1. Yes of course you should! If you're at all unsure maybe check out some videos (think there may even be some by Corsair) in regards to installation, or ask your friend to help you out if he's close? A lot of people use water cooling in their systems so don't be worried by this, even more so considering it is a closed loop.

    Once you've got it installed, I would strongly suggest overclocking your CPU to get the most out of it, even if you only overclock it to 4Ghz; again, look at videos for help with overclocking and there's tons of help on Tom's in regards to overclocking.
  2. Here you are:

    Same principal for any closed loop water cooler.
  3. So the problem with the h40 is that it's out of warranty for corsair either way. While yes it *should* be fine, I personally wouldn't put anything into my computer that wasn't covered under warranty. Just some food for thought though
  4. Thanks for your reply's! The warranty is what I was worried about, and the chance that if might break and ruin the rest of my lovely new build.

    The other issue i have, is that i dont have any top vents in my AeroCool case (only 1 bottom, 1 rear, 2 front, 2 side), meaning i would need to loose my exhaust fan, in order to pull in air from the back to supply the H40.

    The exhaust fan really should not be put on the bottom should it? Its the only real place it can go!

    Suggestions welcome :)
  5. What case do you have?
  6. I currently have this case. The Aerocool PGS VS-3 Advance

  7. SO one thing I noticed about this case is the ability to use the optical drive bays as a fan mounting spot, you might be able to mount the h40 there, but you'd be losing the ability to draw air from outside. I wouldn't recommend mounting it on the case side because it would be awkward and hard to work around. I do agree that your top-back fan should be exhaust, but you can always use it as the intake for the cooler with the sides being exhaust and the bottom as intake. What's your position on just getting a better case?
  8. I was also thinking about putting the exhaust fan on the bottom, this will still remove hot air from the case?

    I have been looking at new cases as my current case was bought just as a "Make Do"

    The case i have been most interested in is the Corsair 300R -

    Its cheap and has the options that allow me to expand with more fans etc.

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    Yeah, the 300R is a great case for sure! I personally have the Vengeance C70 and I love it, but I use the 300R at work. It's sleek, clean, and has a surprising amount of room on the inside for expansion. If that's your price range I'd say go with either that or the 330R for a more "silent" case. Really any Corsair case is going to work beautifully for what it sounds like you're going to want to do.
  10. I did look at the 330R but i wasn't too keen on the front panel folding out, i prefer just a straight forward case design!

    I think the 300R is what i will go for, its pretty cheap for what it is! - Ill get that in the next couple of weeks, and then i can install my H40!

    Many thanks for your help, ill keep you posted with details when i get round to doing it :)
  11. sweet! good luck and if you have any more questions about corsair cases or anything like that just send an email to and post pics of your build!!!!
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