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Hi folks, I need recommendations for a power supply for my new project build. Well, not entirely new - I'm cannibalizing 3 systems to build a new, beefier system for 3d work. My software relies more on CPU/RAM than on the video card (DAZ Studio and Bryce).

Here are the components I have so far:

Core i7-4770k (new)
ASRock Z87 Extreme4 mobo (new)
PNY GeForce GTX 550Ti (about a year old; pulled from Core i3 box)
8GB Corsair Vengeance 12800 RAM pulled from Core i3 box, RAM is about 1 yr old
8GB Corsair Vengeance 12800 RAM pulled from a dual-core, about 2 yrs old.
23" widescreen monitor, 17" second monitor (for toolbars and other utility windows)
generic DVD drive
Windows 7

I have a 480w Thermaltake in a P4 system I built in 2004. It still runs great for a system of its spec despite near 24-7 usage for both gaming and 3d work, although it's a bit loud now. I will be using the case from this system in the new build as it has great airflow and is a heavy-duty full-size tower.

I also have a 400w generic PSU in the i3 box and it runs great with the video card above. This PSU is about a year old (replaced the stock one when I put the video card in). It has the 12v connector for the card; I'll need to check if the Thermaltake has that connector.

Since the GTX card is currently running fine on a 400watt with the i3, will it suffice with the new i7? Or should I go with something in the 550 or 600 range?

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  1. Well I would go with a new PSU based on the age of the others Any quality 500watt would run it no problem. Example
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    I suggest upgrading to a PSU that suits your needs. Are you ever going yo be upgrading your components or overclocking the CPU? Personally I would suggest you buy a new PSU 600 will be plenty depending on what you do.
  3. Yeah, I will at least try overclocking to see what I can get out of it. The board takes 32GB RAM but I doubt I will upgrade to that - the 16GB will be plenty for those apps, and Bryce only sees 2GB anyway, it's still a 32-bit app. Hope to keep this system a few years and just replace parts as needed. Will only upgrade components if any of them die. :)

    I'll check out some new PSUs. Thanks!
  4. Glad I could help.
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