ASUS Hotkeys (sound) not responding on bluetooth audio device

Dear tom'sHARDWARE

I have an ASUS n76v laptop. (Windows 7 64b)
This laptop has hotkeys on top of the keyboard (like many laptops have). I just bought an Logitech wireless bluetooth adapter and when I connect it the sound plays, and the hotkeys do respond but they do not change the audio from "device: Bluetooth Headphones" (set as STANDARD) but they change the audio from "device: Speakers", which doesn't do anything because the audio is playing through "device: Bluetooth Headphones"...

In short: How can I make that my volume control changes the volume from the standard device and not from "speakers"?

Yours sincerely
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  1. I have messaged ASUS about this problem and they simply said that the ATK software only controls the speakers from the laptop. So this 1100 euro (1500$) laptop can't even change the audio from an external device...

    Anyhow, does someone know how I can link two devices in the audio settings together? With some sort of software or so?
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