help: using a gtx680 uefi updated in a non uefi mobo (Asus p6x58d premium)

Hello everyone. Here Mario from Spain, sorry if my english is a bit bad...
Now I have an ASUS GTX 680 direct cu2 TOP, running in an "old" P6x58D Premium mobo.
I have the chance to purchase a second GTX 680 top to make a SLI, but it's updated with UEFI BIOS. The Asus FAQ reads that "olds" ASUS NON UEFI mobos are tested until 4 years old. Actually I don't know when P6x58D premium was released, so: Anyone knows if I can use the second GTX680 in SLI updated with this UEFI BIOS in my mobo? (Note that one GPU will have the UEFI bios, and the other not)

IN CASE AFIRMATIVE: I have to put the 2nd GTX in the pcie slot 3. It is supposed that then I'll run at x16 and x1, what it's non viable, BUT I have found in BIOS the option to convert pcie slots 2 and 3 from x16 / x1, to x8 / x8. It is supposed then that the SLI would run at x8 / x8 in slots 1 and 3 then? I don't nevermind this since it's just a couple of frames loss, right?

Thanks to all.
Regards from Spain.
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  1. The option you are talking about - about switching the PCIE slots from 16x/1x to 8x/8x, is what you need to do to ensure it works fine in SLI.
  2. The two "Blue" PCI-E slots run at x16 on that motherboard (PCI-E #1 & #2). The BIOS setting you mentioned leaves #1 at x16 and runs BOTH #2 and #3 at x8.

    Either configuration works, I run 7970's in #1 and #3 cause they are triple wide cards and won't fit in #1 and #2. One is UEFI BIOS too, and it works fine for me....

    I don't see any reason you should have trouble with UEFI BIOS on one board either...
  3. Thx

    jb6684: Do you have that 7970 (UEFI BIOS) running in a "non UEFI" mobo too?. The thing is that ASUS FAQ is clear: "Other motherboards might work with our UEFI graphics cards but we cannot officially endorse compatibility as we don't have access to all BIOS and board revisions." Although they say they have done tests in ASUS mobos up to 4 years old. My ASUS P6x58D premium is just 4 years old, so I'm wondering if it is in or out...

    BTW, the ASUS GTX680 UEFI FAQ here:!-It-s-Here!

    Thanx again for replies
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    I have an ASUS P6x58D Premium motherboard. (i7-930 CPU)

    Running (in CrossFire):
    - Sapphire Vapor-X 7970 (in slot #1) old style BIOS
    - and Sapphire Vapor-X R9 280X (in slot #3) UEFI BIOS
  5. Ok, thanks a lot!
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