Problem getting new build to work.

I am having a problem with my new build. Main problem is that the dedicated graphics card is not being recognized, only the onboard graphics. I have tried many things to get it to work but now im stumped. Ive tried to uninstall/ disable the onboard graphics but that didnt work. I went into the bios and the internal graphics was set to [GFX0-GPP-IGFX-PCI] and since my dedicated gpu is pci-e x16 that should be the correct setup. Then i tried the other options [GPP-GFX0-IGFX-PCI]
[PCI-GFX0-GPP-IGFX] and those both got windows to recognise the graphics card and everything would seem fine until i leave the computer off for a while. Then when i come back the graphics card doesnt work again and i have to reset the CMOS to get anything to display. Plz help me lovely people.

My setup is:
Mobo= Asus m5a78l-m
GPU= Asus Radeon R9 270
Psu= Rosewill Green Series RG530-S12 530W

Let me know if theres any other information you need. Thank you.
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  1. Try updating the BIOS, if newer version available.
  2. So I got it to work for a minute on the correct bios setting(gfx0...). Used it all night and even reset a couple of times. Then I turned off everything last night and cut power to the power supply. Then today after work I turned it on and the screen was blank. I had to move the VGA to the motherboards VGA port and I got picture. Then after booting into windows and only seeing my integrated graphics I did a reset and the picture moved back to the VGA port on my dedicated GPU. What the hell???
  3. Your power supply can not handle the load of your new graphics card...... (most likely)

    Goto the store and buy a 600--650watt Corsair (Antec or XFX) power supply. Do a rough install. Run your system for a few days, if it solves the problem your golden.....
  4. But ive had everything running perfect(seemingly) before. My graphics card seemed to be working just fine. How would the power supply not be able to handle it if ive used it already?
  5. We'll a marginal power supply will work sometimes and fail others.....

    Also, capacitors (used in power supplies) age, once they do they become less affective and the power supply gets "weaker"....
  6. ok well idk if this will change anything but now it seems it only doenst work on the first cold boot. Once its been booted once and only sees the integrated gpu if i reset it will find the dedicated gpu and everything works fine. Idk what causes that. Am i not supposed to flip the switch on the psu when done using the pc or something?
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    I always put the computer in "Sleep" mode when I'm done using it..... (it uses almost no power and turns back on FAR faster)

    I NEVER turn of the power / toggle switch on the back of the power supply.....
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