How can I hook up my VGA monitors to these ports?

I have 3 monitors with only VGA slots. I have a graphics card ( with a VGA, HDMI and a DVI-D Dual Link port. How can I connect my monitors to my PC? VGA to VGA obviously works fine. (I want the cheapest possible option)
If I bought these, would they work?
1. This DVI-D to VGA adapter:
2. This HDMI to VGA digital to analog converter:
I am reasonably sure that number 2 is fine, however I would appreciate if someone could tell me if the DVI-D to VGA needs to be converted as well. It says in the description of the listing that it works without having to convert the signal, but "This adapter will only work with graphic cards that are analog compatible". Does this mean that if my graphics card has any analog ports (which it does)? Could anyone tell me if it is 'analog compatible' or is there any way to find out?
I understand I have a lot of questions but any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. Hi, The DVI-D to VGA needs also a converter (digital to analog). The adapter would work only for DVI-I to VGA.
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