VPN disconnects on sustained file transfer from server LAN computer to VPN client

**VPN Server:**

- Windows Server 2008 x86
- RRAS installed and running
- All necessary firewall ports are open, I no longer get rejected log entries
- Behind router which is DHCP, serving to
- Its IP is on the router's LAN
- Serves static IP address to VPN clients from to internal VPN gateway is
- IPv6 inactive
- Connected VPN clients can ping LAN clients as well as server, and can browse and download files*
- L2TP connection using windows authentication with a preshared key
- Multilink connections with BAP/BACP selected
- LCP extensions selected
- Software compression selected
- MTU of "RAS (Dial In) Interface" set to 1400, as I went through ping tests to client while client was connected via VPN.

**VPN Client:**

- Windows 7 x64
- Behind router which is DHCP, serving to 192.168.1.irrelevant
- AssumeUDPEncapsulationContextOnSendRule set to 2 as both my client and the VPN server are NATed
- I get no firewall blocked entries in the logs (fixed, originally I wasn't able to ping from server to client until I opened ports)
- LCP/Software/Multilink all selected
- Requires encryption, only CHAP v2 selected
- IPv6 unchecked
- Unchecked 'use default gateway on remote network'
- MTU of "Work VPN" set to 1500, as I went through ping tests to server while client was connected to VPN.


* So with all that out of the way, my problem is that when I try and download "large enough" files from the VPN LAN to my client PC, I get disconnected very early on. For small files like less than 500KB it's OK. But I try and transfer an 80MB file and not even 10 seconds into it the file transfer stalls because I've been disconnected. I don't get a "you've been disconnected from the VPN" message, everything just stops working. I can no longer even browse. I can provide server RRAS logs but I don't know which files to look at; there are a lot and I can't decipher the meaning of the logs entries in %windir%\tracing. I also have wireshark on both the server and client in case that helps.
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