if a graphics card with three fans is say one or two inches from a vent, will it draw air into the case

or will I just use the air already in the case, I was thinking one to two inches might be too far away for it to pull fresh air in from the vent
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  1. It will pull a little bit from outside if it's directly above the vent, but won't work like an intake fan.
  2. airflow patterns are quite different between intake and exhaust (pull vs push). intake (pull) tends to pull from a very wide area, like a funnel. exhaust (push) tends to keep flow straight for much longer, like a pipe. so, unless your intake is RIGHT AT the fan or is somehow constrained with a tube, it'll pull from everywhere. even a half-inch gap would drastically lower the pulling of outside air.
  3. Yeah, those aftermarket coolers with dual & triple fans almost exclusively "re-circulate" the air inside your case. But the good news is they are all soooo much better than the stock coolers 65C is usually a MAX temperature you'll see vs 85C on most/may single fan "stock" cooler GPU...

    NOTE: some Broad statements on temps above, but, pretty hard close when used as "Rules of Thumb"...
  4. right now I have a cm elite 130 it has one 120 fan in front intake, a side fan I can switch either way 80, mm, and the graphics card which is only half inche from vent. I was thinking I might add another 120 fan on the right side next to the 80. however that would push air directly across the intake fan from the front before it even gets to my motherboard, which im guessing is a bad idea, so im wondering two things.

    A. should I use that 80 fan as an exhaust or the way it was designed to blow air on the cpu cooler/mb.
    B should I really add that extra 120 fan since it wuld push the air that's coming from the front diverting it before it even hits the mb.

    IMPORTANT NOTE, im going to put this case on its side, under a desk in a wire rack, but near a wall. so its top, which will be left side, will be against a wall, its left, which has the video card, will be the new bottom, pulling air up into the case, its right, which will be the new top, which has the 80 and optional 120mm fan could blow the air down or up, im guessing venting hot air out is a good deal however do I still want to suck air out from the front that hasn't hit the mb yet.

    thanks guys I know this is a tough one
  5. That's a very bad idea. They design case for a specific orientation (rubber feet on the intended bottom). This is particularly critical in a Mini ITX case. Your going to screw up the intended path for heat flow....

    Is THIS your case:

    In that case outside air will be pulled into the case, NP. But, with the orientation you describe all the heat from the GPU will rise and heat up everything else in your case (Rather than vent thru normal convection out the TOP of the case...)
  6. I'd say just try it a few different ways, and see what kind of GPU temps you are getting. it's pretty simple to flip a fan around, or even unplug it. I tend not to run too many fans cuz I find that they just end up making more noise than it's worth. small fans are horrid for this - loud little mofos that don't push that much air. I tend to stick to just 2 or maybe 3 of the 120mm fans.

    warm air rises, so I'd orient the case and fan direction in the same way - the fans aren't strong to begin with (unless they're also loud) so every little advantage helps.
  7. yes that's my case, theres no vents in the top except where the power supply sucks air in. so no heats going out the top
  8. so do you guys think its really a bad idea to turn the case on its side, ill have open air on all but one side
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    I tend to keep my cases feet down. And as a bonus, wit both of my cases (and your case too) this keeps the mobo flat and graphics cards upright, which avoids sags and stress on the PCIe slot connector. And doesn't trap warm air.
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