I need help with getting rid of a Virus

Hello everyone!
For the past few months I've been experiencing some issues with my PC. It seems that I have some kind of a virus that I cannot remove. I am unsure if it is a virus but I am sure that I need help.
Symptoms :
After more than 30 minutes most programmes on my computer stop working and I get the message "Program stopped working". For example the programmes I use are : Skype , Sony Vegas 12 , Origin , Game Capture HD.
Most of the games I play such as : Skyrim , Batman AC , AA , AO etc.
When the virus occurs this is what happens :
Programs stop working , browsers have problems with opening and when I launch a website the colours of it change and bug out. The website crashes , the browser crashes. I tried different Malware software , Anti-Viruses and I formatted each HDD with a new system that has been installed 2 times already.

My specs if needed :
GPU : GTX 650Ti
CPU : AMD Athlon X4 II 3.4 GhZ
RAM : 6GB DDR2 Around 800MhZ
OS : Win7 64Bit

Please Help I really need to get rid of this.
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  1. If you think its a virus, download kaspersky rescue cd v10 boot off it, doing all updates, change scanner settings to high and run full scan.

    Then boot into safemode with networking, download spybot search and destroy, run full scan.
  2. Bitdefender and Kaspersky are the best .download a trial version of them and run . Otherwise Microsoft Security Essential is free .

    also for other malware try Malwarebytes-Anti-Malware
  3. Boot into safe mode with networking, then download malwarebytes and run a full scan. This has worked for me and I've helped a couple friends with this solution as well.
  4. I've done that in the past , I used malwarebytes and I did run it in safe mode with networking . Nothing was found.
  5. If this were my pc.
    I'd run kaspersky with the settings cranked.
    Run full scan using Super Anti spyware, spybot, malware bytes.
  6. I see you have re-installed numerious times, have you run virus scans on your data you backed up? Maybe something backed up has a virus on it????

    At some point you need to say after running all these scans and coming back with nothing that it isn't a virus. Have you looked at doing video card driver updates? Run full memtest to ensure ram is functioning okay (seems to be as no BSOD, but regardless).
  7. Moulder I have formatted everything and I didnt back up anything. Downloading Kaspersky Rescue now.
  8. Best answer
    click on the settings of kaspersky and cranked everything. the defaults on the rescue disc rather suck in my mind.

    Don't forget to run updates so you'd need to be wired in.
  9. first I would run autoruns and dds apps to identify where the suspicious file is located
    Download AutoRuns ( you can find it here: );
    Open the folder and extract (unzip) the file autoruns.exe to your desktop
    Run Autoruns as administrator → File → Save
    Attach (*.arn) file to your response
    Download DDS ( to your desktop and run it.
    Add information from DDS.txt file to your response
  10. To SR-71, have you used it before on an highly infected pc? I've never heard of the software. I am curious about it now.

    I'll have to try on my next highly infected pc I get.
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