Reinstalled Windows 7. No internet, no drivers, and won't recognise USB or external harddrive to install drivers. Help!

I did a clean install to windows 7 home premium version, and none of the drivers appear to be installed. (I also seem to have misplaced my driver cd). So I tried downloading my network driver on a usb, but it won't recognise the drive. Neither will it recognise my external harddrive, so I have no way of copying the files across. I've seen this problem countless times before, but not where external drives aren't recognised. Help?
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  1. Hi,

    goto your motherboard/computer (hp, dell, ect.) manufacturer's website and download the driver

    You will need to do that from a computer that can access internet.
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    Write the drivers to a CD/DVD.

    -Wolf sends
  3. If your computer is a laptop without CD-ROM, the way to save it is a factory reset. Restart your computer but press esc before entering windows, and you will find the option.

    If you still want the new system, download all drivers and store them in your computer before installing the new system. You will find them in "windows.old" after installing.
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