BIOS and Windows 8.1 64 Bit say 4GB, but CPU-Z says 8GB?

Hey. I have just finished building my gaming PC. I noticed that in the BIOS, it recognizes 2 sticks, with 4 gb each adding to 8 gb, but it only says 4 GB on the EZ Menu (UEFI BIOS). On Windows 8.1 64 Bit, it says 8 GB (3.9 Usable). But... on CPU-Z, it says 8GB, but with a clock rate of 800Mhz. Any help?
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  1. Does CPU-Z say ganged or unganged for DC mode? In ganged mode they will look like one address space. In unganged mode they wil be available as separate spaces to separate cores (more or less). Research Ganged vs Unganged modes.

    Some mobo's require then to be in same colored slots and some require them to be in contiguous slots regardless of the color. Check your mobo specs.
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