Is this a normal temp for my CPU, and should i get a CM 212 Evo instead of my stock-cooler?

Hey everybody,

I am using an Intel i5-4670 processor and a Corsair 200R case. I was cleaning my computer yesterday and changed my thermal paste with some Cooler Master termal paste. After I was done I noticed that the CPU temperature is between 50-70 degrees Celsius when I play games, and would like to know if this is normal/good. I would also like to know your opinion on the aftermarket cooler called Cooler Master 212 evo, and if I should change my CPU Intel stock cooler with it. The last question i have is about thermal paste. Which termal paste would you recommend me to use?

Thanks for your time and help :D
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  1. 50-70C during gaming is fine...
  2. The 212 Evo is superior to the stock cooler.
    Your temperatures may seem high, but they are not high enough to cause damage.

    Here is a review article that compares numerous thermal compounds, but the gist of it is that almost anything will work.,3616.html
  3. Those temperatures are fine for gaming. You should be concerned if it gets into the mid-high 80s. Around 90-95 degrees is when your computer will throttle itself.

    I would suggest getting a 212 Evo, but that's just personal preference. I like my computers cool and quiet.
  4. For a locked i5, a 212 evo isn't necessary. A Hyper TX3 is sufficient.
  5. Arctic Cooling MX-4, Noctua NT-H1, Prolimatech PK3, and Zalman STG-2 are really good choices.

    If those are still more than what you would like to pay for, this is perfectly fine as well:
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