Sometimes no display to HDMI tv on boot up? 7770 HD 2gb, P5K3

Hi, I have a strange problem that I cant work out. 50% of time when I boot up my PC using my LG HD tv I get a display picture, but 50% of the time when the PC boots up it displays no picture and I have to turn it off and reboot until I get a display. Its very frustrating! I have the latest graphics card drivers. I have checked everything inside my PC that everything is connected tightly but just cant see a problem or figure this problem out??? Any help would be appreciated! Thank you in advance!

PC Spec:

win 64 o/s
ASUS P5K3 deluxe, motherboard
Q6600 core 2 quad
8gb Gskill DDR3 ram 4*2
ASUS 7770 2gb graphics card
650w Antec signature PSU
PC air cooled but not overclocked, standard BIOS settings!
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  1. Update: Just wondering could a CMOS battery that is due for a change cause this problem? I have not noticed a problem with this but it is one thing I have not checked or thought about???
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