How to use an SSD for a boot drive and HDD for most files?

I know there are a lot of questions about this, but I am still confused.
I have a 2tb hard installed in my computer with win 7 and everything else. After I install my ssd in my computer, how do I use it for win7 and booting, while using my same old HDD for files. I need step by step instructions becuase I am very new to this stuff. I am installing a samsung 840 pro 128gb. I am talking about the BIOS instructions. Thanks!
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  1. First make sure you format the SSD so the OS can see it. Go into disk management and select the SSD then format should be an option. Download the migration software that is free with your SSD. Then you will want to run it and it should transfer your OS to the SSD. Finally boot into your bios to set the boot priority and put your DVD drive first then the SSD and you should finally have what you are looking for
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    Well, the concept is simple, but it involves a lot of work.
    -Back up all of your documents and data.
    -Re-install windows on the SSD (delete/create the partition and quick format)
    -Re-install all drivers
    -Wipe the HDD (delete/create partition and quick format)
    -Re-install all applications and software, but when it asks for the destination folder, Specify The HDD.
    -Recover your data files to the HDD.
  3. Thanks everyone!
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