Gigabyte UEFI OC basic level help?

Hi Everybody!

I'm kindda new in OC, I just got my 4670K with GA-Z87P-D3.
I want to set my cpu around 4,2-4,3 following this guide:

Question is, in this guide is there something I should ignore or skip according to my OC goals?
Other question, is there anybody here who tried the upgrade cpu funcion of the gigabyte uefi?

Thank you very much for helping!
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    WOW that guide has some serious detail.

    The couple things I can think of to remember is run to
    -Turn off turbo boost
    -Adjust your CPU base clock frequency to 100 MHz
    -Manualy adjust your core clock ratio/multiplier starting at 38x or 40x
    -Adjust vcore manualy to 1.1 or 1.125 for starters

    Gigabyte UEFI if voltage is left in auto will apply voltage far too aggressively and result in a massive amount of heat at a low overclock.

    From here stability test, and if all looks good add more multiplier, otherwise add voltage in .01 to.05 volt steps until you get stability then add multiplier and repeat.

    For haswell design temp is 90 degrees so try not to get above low 80's while stress testing. 70's is better if you can manage.
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