New Windows 8 won't see moved hard drive

I bought a new windows 8 computer and installed the hard drive from my old windows 7 computer before booting up the new computer. Computer booted just fine, but it cannot see the main partition on the old hard drive. Disc management recognizes the disc; windows explorer lists it and "sees" the other partitions on the drive, but not the main partition. Any help?
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  1. Can you see the partition in Disk Management? It may just need a drive letter to be assigned to it.

  2. Yes. You can see it in Disc Management. Windows explorer lists it as Drive f: but cannot list the forlders and files. Windows Explorer DOES list Drive g:, the Recovery drive, AND reads those files.
  3. What happens when you double click on F: in Windows Explorer? Do any messages come up?

  4. I'm not at that computer just now, but you get a warning dialog that says something like, "Drive F: not accessible". Should not be a permissions problem or anything like that. Windows Explorer shows files on Drive G:, which is the Recovery Image on that hard drive.
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    It could be a matter of "Ownership" for the partition and files. I suggest that you take the steps recommended in THIS ARTICLE.

    After you have downloaded and installed the files in the article, you can simply right click on any drive, partition or file and "Take Ownership" of the problem drive, partition or file.

    Give it a try.

  6. I'll try that. Thanks.
  7. You're welcome!

    Please post back with your results and experience.

    Good luck!

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