Can anyone help me pick specs for a gaming PC?

So as mentioned in the title, I am looking for a PC, sadly, as most people I am on a budget, about £450 or around $750, the less the better, but luckily I could bend towards higher prices if the thing is worth the money. So I would obviously like a good graphics card and a very good processor, I was thinking intel would be better, I believe that 8GB RAM would suit the build, but I do believe that it would be good.So, up to anyone that's bored and would like to help me pick some parts. Thanks for reading and the potential help you may offer!
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    I personally think AMD is better on a budget. This has a good CPU and an amazing video card. It will run most games on ultra at 60 fps.
  2. Hiya, I looked at what you have created, I like it, especially the graphics card, half a titan haha, also, I think the mobo is a bit outdated, as I see that some things are incompatible. And I was thinking of an SSD maybe?
  3. It's not a brand new motherboard, no, but it works just fine with a bios update, really good motherboard. It has good overclocking ability, too. For an SSD, go for a Samsung 840, and pick your capacity.
  4. Oh wow, that's a great choice! Thanks guy, I appreciate it and will do my best to get the things, or do you think it would be better to wait for next gen intel?
  5. I think the 8320 would be best for you, because if you're waiting for next gen Intel, why not next gen AMD, or Intel in two generations? Or three?
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