New GPU (GTX 760) and I can't enable dual screen.


I just installed my new graphics card and I can't get my dual monitors setup to work. Only one screen works at a time and the other is black.

For example, if I boot up the computer with both ports plugged in the card (one DVI and one DVI to VGA), the screen on the left is working but not the one on the right. Then, If I unplug the left monitor the right monitor is working...

Even when I try to activate the second monitor in the NVIDIA control pannel(PhysX), it doesn't work. I can see two monitor but when I select the second one and press "apply" it just disappear.

When I open the option: I can see all my monitors
When I select my second monitor it does that: and when I apply it just goes back like picture 1 above.

What do I have to do to activate my second monitor?

Thank you.
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    You are clicking apply as in which monitor to use. When you are on the desktop, with both plugged in, hold down the Windows button and press 'P'. Then select Extend. If this is not there, on the desktop right click and go to screen resolution. From there, where it says multiple displays, select extend desktop
  2. It worked! Thanks a lot.
  3. normsrayn said:
    It worked! Thanks a lot.

    No problem, glad to help :)
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