Computer starts freezing after installing new GPU

I recently installed a new GTX 780ti (updated the drivers as well) into my computer and it works amazingly, i can play a variety of graphics intense games fine but for some reason at random times when i'm starting up any new processes, like starting steam or just clicking on a link to a youtube video as examples, my computer will just start to slow down and freeze at times for 5 second periods or longer.

These are my computers specs:

CPU-Intel Core i7 3770
RAM-8.00 GB Dual-Channel
Motherboard-Gigabyte Technology Z68P-DS3
Graphics-GTX 780ti
Hard Drive-932GB Hitachi

I'm a kind of new to this so i'd really appreciate some help
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  1. ok give us some info about your psu!
  2. Sounds like an underpowered PSU to me.
  3. it's a 800w ATX Power Supply which should be good enough for most graphics cards shouldn't it?
  4. well what brand and model?
  5. Brand is cyberpower and model is PSAZ-CP800
  6. well to tell you the truth im not convinced about its quality. what amper can output on the 12v rail?
  7. Try getting a 650-750w 80+ bronze PSU.
  8. 30A max
  9. i have an 650w thermaltake 80 bronze plus that can output 52A on the 12v rail. i have the 3770k and a 7970 overclocked. aparently your is not enough to power your beast of a gpu. get a quality one seasonic, xfx, corsair...with at least 3years of warranty and 80 plus bronze. 650w shout be enough..
  10. Yeah, cheap PSUs are... not good. Only time I use one is when I have no other option.
  11. Best answer
    after a little search i found this (GeForce GTX 780ti - 42A and a 600W PSU minimum) and the link
  12. I thought it said 750 ti for some reason. You need a more powerful PSU, no doubt about it.
  13. thank you both very much this has been a lot of help
  14. Glad I could help.
  15. no problem! and always look for quality when purchasing psu's
  16. Definitely get 80+ bronze on every one you buy.
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