Is this a good headset/sound card combo ?


I'm actually in the process of searching for a new gaming headset because I have a 4 years old Gamecom 367 from Plantronics and I really want to change it.

I found that headset, the PC 350 by Sennheiser. Every reviews and sites I read said that this headset is one the best-sounding one but it needs a sound card in order to sound the best.

I always plugged my headsets into the motherboard, so I really never read about sounds cards. So, I ask a friend and he tell me the ASUS Xonar DGX 5.1 would be really great.

Do you agree ?

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  1. The Xonar is a very good sound card, but before you get it, try the headset with just the motherboard sound. You may find it sounds very good without the add on sound card. If you think there is something a bit off with the sound, then get the Xonar.
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