Problem with New Build after updating BIOS from USB key

Hello everyone,

I've been having problems since I flashed my BIOS AFTER installing Windows 7. No other drivers were present at the time that I did this; I was preparing to install more drivers, but I was having trouble getting Windows 7 to work, so my brother recommended that I flash my BIOS before proceeding (I figured he knew what he was doing as he has built his own PC before).

The good news? The BIOS indicates that it is indeed version 1301 (the latest), and I downloaded it directly from the Asus website. It appears to have been a succesful install. So far so good.

However, after the Asus screen, I no longer get the 'Windows is loading' message. I just get a black screen when I boot from the drive. I figured that I could just do a fresh install of Windows 7, but the setup consistently freezes and doesn't go past the 'Windows is preparing to install' phase. I've tried moving my jumper thingy (C-MOS). That hasn't worked.

Any suggestions, guys? Should I install an older BIOS version and then try to reinstall Windows?
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  1. Yeah, I've tried that. It gives me a black screen after the Asus logo.
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