Transfer OS from RAID 0 SSD config (2 drives) to a single SSD

I have a Windows 7 64-bit with the OS on two Crucial 64G SSDs. I want to transfer the OS drive to a single 250G Samsung SSD. I was unable to do this using Windows Recovery feature because it does not recognize the new SSD; apparently no AHCI drivers on the recovery disk and I couldn't figure out how to add them during the process. Any help would be appreciated but I am trying to avoid re-installing windows and all my programs.

I ended up being able to use the Samsung migration software that came with the new drive. I had one of those "SATA/IDE to USB" kits that let you hook a bare drive up to USB and then the Samsung software was able to clone the C: drive to the new SSD. When I connected the new drive to SATA Port 2, it showed up as a single drive in the RAID BIOS and booted ok. My mobo (ASUS M4A87TD EVO) has a single setting for SATA ports 1-4, either RAID or IDE and since I have another data RAID array on ports 3+4 I couldn't change that. I suppose I could have put the new SSD on port 5 or 6 but I have two optical drives on those ports and wasn't sure what would happen if I moved one of them to the RAID ports. One annoying thing is that the Samsung optimization software won't recognize the drive through the controller so I'm probably not getting the performance I'd like. Sometimes I think it would be easier to just buy a system and let someone else figure out the config but those prices are too d**m high!

Thanks for your answers and suggestions.
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    try to enable the regedit ahci change before you clone the raid0 old drive. and then switch to ahci when you restart and boot from the samsung.
  2. you need to do a ghost, this will clone from one volume to another (from RAID to 250gb)
    NOTE: you will be changing the hard drive controller windows is booting from, RAID to AHCI. this will cause windows to blue screen on restart after the ghost. 0x0000007b if I remember correctly. There are steps that can be done PRIOR to ghosting that will get you around this issue.
    will help you resolve the issue of bluescreening when changing hard disc controllers.

    Most people choose just to reinstall as its quite a lengthy process.
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