Is this a good headset/sound card combo ?


I'm actually in the process of searching for a new gaming headset because I have a 4 years old Gamecom 367 from Plantronics and I really want to change it.

I found that headset, the PC 350 by Sennheiser. Every reviews and sites I read said that this headset is one the best-sounding one but it needs a sound card in order to sound the best.

I always plugged my headsets into the motherboard, so I really never read about sounds cards. So, I ask a friend and he tell me the ASUS Xonar DGX 5.1 would be really great.

Do you agree ?
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  1. i have never used that actual headset but from experience Sennheiser are very good headsets with great sound quality, and yes the ASUS sound cards are the best in the market i believe
  2. You're wasting your money on a sound card. They aren't necessary
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    You can bypass the motherboard sound completely by getting a USB headset. The Logitech G35, G430, or G930 come to mind.
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