G.Skill Ripjaws Reliable and a good fit?

Hi, im just about finished ordering everything on my list and i was wondering if this would be a good fit, especially because its 10$ off at newegg. My specs: 1.FX-8320
2.R9 270x Sapphire Duel
4.Rosewill 630-Watt Green Series 80 PLUS Certified Power Supply RG630-S12 Black
5.Asus m5a97-le-r2.0 Motherboard
6. 1TB Western Digital Blue Caviar
7. BitFenix Shinobi Window
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  1. Yes, is reliable and good fit for the system for a good price.

    As for your motherboard, you want to swap it for the non-LE version. It is better for overclocking than the LE one.
  2. Yes, that RAM will work fine with your system. You might have to manually set the RAM speed/timings/voltage in the motherboard BIOS, but that's not a big deal. I've had great luck with G.Skill RAM in many of my latest builds. That RAM is a good deal, especially with the extra $10 off promo code!
  3. Thanks guys, the non Le was a bit out of my price range i got the le already, but i got it for a bargain and its working fine.
  4. g skill ripjaws good yes, new egg has 2 separate 2x 4gb sets on sale today, $60 and $70. I'd just jump the $10 and get the better, not sure if youd need it but might as well now.

    As for mobo, I started with that board, don't get it. Not with that processor. Its only 6 pin power, and no heatsinks on bridges. You can get it, just don't overclock your chip on it.

    Get the asus m5a99 pro board, trust me, find it on sale, best $20-30 more you could ever spend, especially down the road. I bought that same board, figured out what I told you, then had to rebuy a better board, so $80 spent for nothing but to save $30 at first.
  5. yeahh, i see what your saying.... i got that mobo for 60$, i prob wont be over clocking my cpu anyway thanks for the advice though..
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    The LE is a good mobo and should OC OK, the DRAM is a good fit, especially if you do want to OC as the higher 1866 is a bit more of a strain on the CPU, if any problems give a shout
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