As a general rule: better cpu vs worse cpu + cooler?

It just occured this to me and i couldnt find the answer online so i thought i'd post it here.It may help someone looking for this.

For the same price, and as a general rule, which is better? To buy a cpu and a cooler for it (and overclock it of course), or just simply buy a better cpu?
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  1. The 9590 is not a very good CPU for the money, get an 8320 and a nice cooler. The 8320 is an 8350 with a lower factory clock, and can be overclocked to the same as an 8350.
    The 9590 requires a really powerful cooler, it runs extremely hot. It is not worth the money.
  2. If you buy a cooler for an overclockable cpu, like a intel "K", then you will get your money's worth.
    At least with coolers in the $30-$75 range. The "K" chips are already better binned and ready for overclocking.

    On the amd side, the cpu's with the higher clocks are simply better binned and in effect factory overclocked.
    I would buy at least a $30 cooler for them if for no other reason but to keep the noise down.
  3. You can get an 8320 and an H110, it can be overclocked pretty far with that cooler.
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