Is it really worth the money to extend the warranty of a laptop?

I've bought an ASUS K55VM laptop, 6 months ago. Although it's a gaming laptop, I mainly use it for office work and occasional casual gaming. I purchased a high end one for stability, reliability and longevity.

The laptop costs 50,000 INR. It has one year warranty. If I want to extend it to two years, the warranty extension would cost me 3000 INR and 5000 INR for three years.

Do you really think I need to extend the warranty, since I never pressurize the laptop's hardware and always keep it cool by using it on a cooler? Also, I use it indoors, mostly. Is the spending really justified?

By the way, I had to claim warranty thrice since the purchase, for the adapter, DVD drive and the HDD.

(My old HP gaming laptop went on for 5 years without any problem, with office work)

What do you think? Should I extend the warranty or am I good to go?

Thank you. :)
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    considering you're used it already 3 times, might be worth it. Gaming laptops, while powerful, run a lot hotter and are prone to heat issues regardless of using a cooler or not. Of course in 3 years, if they just replace the laptop for you if it breaks, it will be outdated anyways, so it's a toss up. lol.
  2. Thank you. :)
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