Looking for a GPU that can handle BF4 and Planetside 2 preferably on high or ultra. Budget is around $260-$300.

Hey guys so I'm looking for a graphics card around $260-$300 or a little more. Was thinking about getting a GTX 760. Not sure if it is worth it since I have seen many mixed reviews about the card.

If it helps, the games I will mainly be playing are BF4, Planetside 2, and future 2014 titles (i.e. Titanfall). So what do you guys recommend? Also, I prefer a card that can run BF4 on high or ultra settings.
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    this card is faster but more expensive
    otherwise , GTX 760 is the fastest within the budget

    R9 280x is on par with GTX 770 . but Battlefield 4 is optimized for Radeon , i think
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