Need help with upgrading old HDD to new SSD boot drive + 2 TB HDD Storage combo

I've posted a similar thread in other sections, but the problem keeps getting weirder, so I need some help and thought I would ask again.

I am trying to upgrade from a single HDD to a SSD + HDD combo. The new SSD (Samsung 840 Pro) will be used as a boot drive, with a 2 TB used as a storage drive. I have a p8p67le mobo running windows 7 64 bit.

I already have returned the 1st SSD as it went kaput during the installation process. After talking with the Tech he wasn't quite convinced it was the drive, and may be something else, but I opted to return it anyway since we couldn't get windows loaded on to it. I initially had it running, but it crashed, and we couldn't get it rebooted. The tech helped me reformat the drive, but we couldn't get windows to load on it.

So, the second drive showed up yesterday, and I was able to get windows installed. But only after using a different plug along the power supply, and switching from SATA6G_2 port to SATA6G_1. The BIOS wouldn't recognize the SSD until I made those changes. I initially used the 1st power supply jack along the line, but then switched to the one running to the back of my old HDD. I have verified that SATA6G_2 is not working.

I tried to hook back up my old HDD to retreive some files from it. That drive is plugged into SATA3G_1. As another check, I used the suspect power jack that didn't work with my new SSD, and the computer locked up, BSOD, crashed, and then rebooted. During the boot-up the computer was doing a "Checking Disk for Consitency" and running through a bunch of files.

Thankfully, I was able to get back into windows.... So, here is the question, WTF is going on? I am a newb at this, but did a ton of reading up before I tried this. My question is, how am I going to install the second drive? How am I going to get my old files? Is it even going to be possible to work around are is there something wrong with another component?

Right now, the computer appears to be running fine with just the SSD hooked up, but I need to find out what is going wrong before I start plugging new drives in as I don't want to fry anything.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. your ssd work in the first slot and the drive wont work in the sata 2 port if you had it to the system then there is a issue with the motherboard .
  2. It appears to be more than the motherboard. I know for a fact that SATA6G_2 isn't working. But it also appears that one of the power jacks is the culprit is well.

    To reiterate, there are a total of four power jacks on the same line. One is currently hooked up to my DVD drive (works), the other is hooked up to my SSD (works) which used to be hooked up to my old HDD, the last two are open. One of these two does not work with my SSD and caused my computer to crash when I hooked it up to my old HDD. I never changed the data connection to my original hard drive, and only changed the power supply AFTER hooking up my SSD, which caused the system to crash.

    This may be too confusing to try and explain over the forum. Am I making any sense?
  3. what happens it you try to plug the working hdd on those 2 remaining connector .
  4. After hooking up the old hard drive to the working connector, I was able to access it from Windows. So, for some reason, it looks like one of the power connectors, and SATA6G_2, are shot.

    The old drive is fine, and all the files are there. Bizarre.

    Any idea what is wrong?
  5. what about the psu connector on that line and the bios is set ahci or ide for the drive .
  6. Right now, I have three devices on that line. My DVD drive, my new SSD, and the old HDD. All devices are working. The BIOS is set to AHCI. Always was from day one.
  7. so the ssd is the os one on the first sata then the 1 hdd is sata 2 for data then the 2 hdd in sata 3 also data or backup and they all work and system then what is the issue you have now .
  8. The ssd is on SATA6G_1, nothing is one SATA6G_2 as it appears to be fried, the old HDD is on SATA3G_1, and the DVD drive is on SATA3G_2. I haven't installed the new HDD yet, I have concerns there may be something more serious going on given what happened.

    But it is working right now, although there is this weird issue where Windows is constantly updating itself, and getting caught in a reboot loop, but that problem appears to have taken care of itself. I'm just concerned something else is going wrong.
  9. check your motehrboard user manual for the sata drive your could connect on he sata 6 port and the chipset they use the cd drive go to sata 3 port from page 32 to 36 and install the newer drive in sata 6 if you could .
  10. im not sure i quite understand your question, though i found a video explaining how to set up ssd as boot and hdd as storage. hope it helps! :)
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