7770 GHz Edition CrossFire vs Single 7850

So I have this card and was thinking about getting another to CrossFire (although I can't seem to find this exact model and was wondering if I could get different brands of the 7770 Ghz Edition and CrossFire them) but I could also sell it and use some of my Christmas money to get a new 7850 (or similarly priced) card. Thoughts?
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  1. Crossfire 7770's perform on the same level as the 7870/r9 270/x, but it's still recommended to go with a superior single card since Crossfire is quite fiddly and some games do not like dual GPU configurations
  2. some games have problems with sli and crossfire. get the big card you can!
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    I'd get a 7850 HD all day.

    7770's can only do so much, if you stretched $20 you could get a HD 7870 and really make the difference count.
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