Newbie Potential Build - Critiques/Suggestions Requested

So I've decided to build my first desktop with little knowledge of exactly what I'm doing. With help from the people of Micro Center I have formulated this potential (if unfinished) build. It would be super helpful if I could get commentary, reviews, or critiques on this build. It is meant to be mostly for gaming and I would like something which runs smoothly and efficiently (for the most part) no matter what I throw at it. Any constructive commentary would be helpful :)

Potential build:

HDRIVE: Samsung SSD (250gb) EVO series

RAM: DDR3- 1333 8gb crucial BALLISTIXS

MOTHERBOARD: any with 97 or 99 series chips should be good. (Recommendations on what to get would be helpful).

CPU: AMD FX 8350

Cooling system: I'm unsure of whether or not I should use the cooling system that comes with the CPU or buy another.

Graphics card:
Nvidea 760 or 660
EVGA GeForce gtx 760 4gb GDDR5

Power supply: Rm 550 corsair or CX 750M corsair

Still need to get:
Operating system
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    I think 1600mhz RAM would only cost you a few bucks more, if at all. Why not get something like this as opposed to the 1333mhz set.
  2. ram shouldnt be 1333. go for 1600 or above
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