Multiple problems with updating/installing drivers on a Laptop

I'll try my best to explain my situation as brief as possible but there is a lot going on in my computer. Before I list the specs and etc, I would like to just talk about one incident that happened in Febuary of 2013. I was at my friends house and I was very impatient with my laptop, and I hotstarted it (While it was booting up, I pressed the boot button again and held it). After this moment, the laptop just would not turn on, so my Dad made me re-install windows and all the drivers.

Ever since that day, my laptop has always been a little wonky.

So I wanted to get back into World of Warcraft recently and when I pressed Play after almost reaching Optimal on their download bar. It said I needed to upgrade my drivers or something. That WoW would run slow if I didn't. There was an option to continue and I normally would have, but I want to fix this problem. This is why I am here today. I want to once and for all, make a clean computer with all the necessary clean installs.

Now for the specs and details on what I have already done.

Inspiron M5110
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit service pack 1
6GB of Memory
AMD Radeon(TM) HD 6620G
AMD Radeon HD 6470M
AMD A8-4520M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics

If you need anymore information let me know, and I'll provide it.

So now the list of problems.
1. When I open up properties on my computer, it says Processor and RAM are Not Available.
2. dxdiag same thing, n/a for a lot of things.
3. When attempting to uninstall AMD Catalyst today, my mouse stopped working, but after trying to reinstall my chipset drivers, it works again.
4. I tried Using AMD's auto detect feature which tells me what drivers I need I think, and it said "Your computer does not contain a proper graphics adapter."
5. I tried using Intels driver utility thingy, and I got a blue screen with an error of cpudrv64 as the cause.
6. Failed primary surface test on the Hardware Scan with My Dell program.
7. Cannot check system info, "Failed connection to this computer. Check to see that the winmgmt service is running.
8. Lastly, I cannot check my computer anywhere, after analyzing for updates on Dell's website, just tells me they're sorry and they cannot do it after waiting for like 5 minutes.

Any help or guidance will be appreciated. This is extremely annoying and I want my computer to be healthy :( Please help. I'll answer any questions you may have.
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  1. Could of damaged one of your components such as the hard drive Which looks like it is.
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