Windows 7 PC Boot Issues - replaced PSU, no results. Now what?

Hi All, I have a Gateway SX-2800 PC that has been having problems with turning on. When I push the power button (or send a magic packet for WOL), the power light turns on and the fan does as well, but nothing else happens. I have to turn off, then turn on again (sometimes several times) before the PC begins booting. This is a common problem with this machine, as I've seen in Googling the issue.

Thinking the PSU needed replacement, I tried this. The problem was worse (perhaps a lower quality replacement unit?), so I reinstalled the original PSU. I have checked all connections within it, and can't see what could otherwise be the problem.

Should I upgrade the PSU? Is it possible that there is not enough voltage? I have not otherwise modded the computer, and this problem is driving me nuts.

I'd appreciate any suggestions.

Here are the PC Specs:

Current PSU is a Delta DPS-220B A.
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    Hi, Try replacing the CMOS battery with a new one.
    Try also removing the power cord and keeping pressed the power button for 30 seconds or so.
    It might be a board issue.
  2. THANKS Alexoiu. CMOS battery replacement did the trick! Major appreciation to you.

    Too bad I didn't ask you several months ago...before I spent about 100 hours on this issue...
  3. Glad I could help. All the best!
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