1000 dollar gaming PC... Hows it look?

I am looking for input on this 1100 dollar gaming PC. If anyone has an opinion or can tell me if it looks like it could run BF4, Minecraft, or Crisis 3 on medium to high setting that would be great. I haven't loked into a monitor yet but I will as soon as I get the OK from a couple people. Please let me know.

if that link doesn't work then try this one
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  1. everything seems fine with ur picks only that gpu need to changed...

    either to r9 280x for mantle

    or gtx 770 for VERTICAL SYNC ..

    if u go 280x get the asus matrix or sapphire toxic

    if 770 get evga superclocked here is link
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    This system you build is great and will easily run the games you like to play in very high to max settings. Only one suggestion from my end will be to go with the 280X as it is very similar to 7970Ghz and custom 280X crosses the 7970 in some games. I think you can go with 280X and save some bucks (~$30-40) depending upon the availability. Also try to buy one stick of 8GB Ram and save a slot for future upgrade. Power supply is enough for the GPU but in case you want to OC the system, you can go with 750W one.
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