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So I happened to have some soft bad sectors on my original WD 1tb BLUE HDD (Disk F). Today I just received my new WD 1tb BLACK, known as local disk C in the picture. After installing windows to it, I plugged in my old WD 1tb blue and low level zeroed it (in progress), but also noticed this drive called Local Disk E with about 100mb of space. According to task manager it is a part of the originally bad sector filled hard drive, what should I do to get rid of it or hide it? Can it be formatted and deleted somehow? I did not have this bad drive in during installation of windows on the other drive, so I am assuming it has nothing to do with anything important pertaining to my current OS.

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  1. The 100MB volume was most likely created by Windows 7 Setup if it's labelled "System Reserved". It would have contained the Boot Manager for your previous Windows 7 installation. If the drive wasn't present when you installed Windows on your new drive, there is no way the old drive can be coupled with that.

    As regards the bad sectors, the only safe thing to do is throw it away as the number of bad sectors will increase.
    I would never trust a drive on which bad sectors had started to appear.
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    rt click on it>change drive letter and paths> and remove the drive letter.
    delete the 100mb partition. But only if you are sure you installed the current OS with the old one being disconnected.
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