Difference between SAPPHIRE R7 260X 1GB GDDR5 OC ,R7 260X 2GB GDDR5 and R7 260X 2GB GDDR5 OC??

Whats the difference between these three cards especially performance wise? (what diff would exactly make 1gb and 2gb)
And do compare these three with Sapphire 7790 too....
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  1. 1GB of video memory isn't really enough for gaming nowadays so we'd recommend going with a 2GB card

    The 260x cards are a slightly overclocked 7790 so performance is quite close, the difference between those cards you listed (besides the amount of VRAM) would be the factory clock speeds, the cooling and (maybe) the PCB design so some may be smaller than others
  2. what is the use of VRAM?
    so 260X 2gb (non OC) = 7790?
  3. VRAM is the fast dedicated memory on your video card (also known as frame buffer, complex stuff to explain but it holds information such as geometry and textures etc.) basically newer games are utilizing more than 1GB of VRAM so it'd be worth it to get a 2GB card

    The 260x (even non OC) itself is a slightly higher clocked 7790 so it'd be a little bit faster
  4. there's been a buzz about AMD mantle...
    is it software related thing or hardware?
    is it supported by 7790 also?
    so if i have to buy today should MANTLE be a considerable feature (i.e then i will have to go with R series only)
  5. It's a little bit of both, it's just an API which would supposedly make games run better due to less CPU overhead, supposedly AMD demonstrated mantle with one of their eight core CPUs downclocked to 2.0GHz (running a game with mantle) and it managed to keep up with an i7

    It's supported by all GCN cards so the 7790 will support it

    I'd wait and see in regards to how mantle will actually perform, but yeah it's a considerable feature
  6. so according to u what would be the best time of Buying GPU.... after one month, 2 or 6 mnths (i am already waiting for Kaveri)
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    If you're not that desperate for a new card then a few months when the next generation of cards comes out would be a good time to consider a new purchase, the Kaveri APU presumably performs on the level of a Radeon 7750 so if you wanted a dedicated GPU I wouldn't be thinking of it :lol:
  8. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Sapphire R7 260X: Worst, 1GB GDDR5.
    R7 260X 2GB GDDR5: ??? What's the point? It's standard.
    R7 260X 2GB GDDR5: Overclock. The best out of the lot.
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