G.Skill Ripjaws X on Asus H87M-E

I'll be getting an Asus H87M-E for my next built with i5 4570 and G.Skill Ripjaws X (2x4GB). I've read that G.Skill's are compatible with H87 Mobo's although they have the Z87 cerftificate so I'd like to know if they'll fit (will be using stock CPU cooler).
Ty in advance :)
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    there hat sink spreaders are not that high and the intel cpu stock coolers dont go over the ram slots so your fine.
  2. And no problems with compatibility with mobo being H87?
  3. nope as long as the ddr-3 ram is 1.5v the older 1.65 ram will work it just that it running higher voltage then intel memory controller default voltage is. one bug that you may see is the ram speed will be 1333 at first power on till you turn on xmp profile. some ram and mb combos do this.
  4. Me again. How would they fit on Gigabyte GA-B85M-D3H?
  5. with intel or amd mb the cpu to ram slot space are the same and fixed. as long as the cpu cooler not a big and low yu wont have any issues. the intel stock cooler will not go over any of the ram slots. most new memory should work in all mb with out any issue but there can be some that wont work. most ram and mb vendor only tests few sticks...
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