having trouble installing new RAM

I bought earlier my zeppelin 2G 1333 5124..i tried to install it in the 2nd ram slot..After I turned on my computer.. It gives me high pitch sound..After that I removed my new RAM and turn my computer back on and it working well again..I tried to interchange the slot but it gives me the same kind of error..BTW my motherboard is:
Model: 2A8C
Chipset: intel G41 rev. A3
Southbridge: intel 82801GB(ICH7/R) rev. A1

my other RAM spec is:
2048MBytes PC3-10700(667 MHz)

is it incompatible or how do i fix this trouble..thanks for giving time to help!
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    Without exact part #'s then all you can get is generic answers like - it doesnt appear to be compatible, return it.

    We really need the part# of all the ram and your motherbd to help further.
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